IMT manages its international product deliveries out of its Vaduz and Rapperswil offices. We employ state of the art controlling and supply management software. We monitor, coordinate and control product deliveries in each port with our logistical partners.

IMT manages its counter party and performance risk with professional service providers in the industry.


Sustainability is essential for the world’s future. Using the world’s resources, water and fresh air are crucial for the health of mankind. Our goal is to support the reduction of emissions by providing services to electricity generators as well as mining companies. Technologies to optimize the use of fossil fuels have not yet been applied around the world, to change this is what we stand for. Nature is our most important asset which we have to protect. Fossil fuels are still required for the world’s population until an energy revolution can replace them. Until such time, we need to ensure that market participants adhere to the highest professional standards.

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